Audit & Reviews

Assurance related fees comprise a significant part of our business.


Douglas Wilson is in charge of the audit practice and has been involved as an auditor since 1971 when he joined Wilberfoss & Co (now Ernst & Young) and spent 3 years auditing in Wellington and Jakarta. Since returning to Wanganui in 1977, he has been in charge of the audit practice for the firm.


Amanda Nicholls is our Audit Assistant and other members of the team undertake work as Audit Assistants from time to time.


Our Audit/Review clients currently include a wide range of Trusts and Incorporations, both large and small, particularly in the Maori business sector, together with many not for profits.


We have previously undertaken school audits on behalf of the Office of the Auditor General.


We pride ourselves on providing constructive advice and assistance to our audit clients in addition to the necessity to comply with accounting and audit standards.